North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club

When we develop workouts for our athletes, there are some common traits that are going to be apparent in all of our programming. We make sure each program we develop for our athletes addresses each of the following:

  • Focus on Movement Patterns
    • The benefits of training movement patterns are enhanced coordination and motor control, which can be a more immediate benefit from exercise than weight loss or muscle gain. Muscles don’t work in isolation and movement occurs as result of many muscles working together. Therefore, it makes sense to train movements and not muscles.
    • At NRTG, we ensure that the programs are being built in balance. If we have a pushing exercise, we have a pulling exercise to compliment it. Creating a balanced, well-rounded program will help keep your joints happy, improve your posture, and help develop symmetry between opposing muscle groups.
    • When creating our workouts, we focus on creating balance within these movement patterns:
      • Upper Body Vertical Push (Overhead Press)
      • Upper Body Vertical Pull (Pull Up)
      • Upper Body Horizontal Push (Push Up)
      • Upper Body Horizontal Pull (TRX Row)
      • Hip Dominant (Dead Lift)
      • Knee Dominant (Front Squat)
      • Core (Plank)
      • Carry (Farmers Walk)
  • Block Training
    • We typically program in 4-6 week blocks. During each 4-6 week block, we will have a primary focus or trait we are trying to improve. If we are trying to get stronger, we focus on strength training over the entire block. We won’t try to work on getting stronger, more powerful, and well-conditioned all at once. Keeping a focus on one specific trait has been proven to be more effective than training multiple fitness characteristics simultaneously.
  • Simple before Complex
    • We start our athletes with simple exercises and progress from there. We can always make things more challenging, so we like to start with something easier and build the intensity after the athlete has shown significant improvement.