North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club

Our training sessions will use the following format:

5 minutes of soft tissue work

From the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), we are able to expose potential areas that may need tissue and mobilization work. Soft tissue work includes use of foams rollers, lacrosse balls and other techniques to relieve muscle tightness and trigger points. We show our athletes the major areas of concern and spend the majority of time working on those areas during those 5 minutes. However, we do allow people to come in beforehand and get extra soft tissue work done.

5 minutes of corrective exercise

This time is for working on specific trouble areas and corrective exercises. Some people may require more soft tissue work while others need extra stability work. Whatever is needed for that person to correct a specific limitation, now is the time for using those strategies. Since we utilize the FMS, this time is best used to focus on the weakest link in the Functional Movement System Hierarchy before moving into a more general warm-up.

5 minutes of dynamic warm-up

Our dynamic warm-up uses a general shotgun approach. We use this time to get the heart rate up, increase circulation to the working muscles, and mentally prepare our athletes for the workout ahead.

3 to 5 minutes of explanation

Time in this area varies. We will be able to run through this section as quickly as possible if the class is filled with returning members. However, when there is new people in the class, we have to take a little more time to really explain what we’re about to do.

20 to 25 minutes of high intensity exercise

This is where we get creative with our programming. We like to choose two or three workouts and block those workouts in over the course of 4 to 6 weeks. We keep the workouts changing continuously by adding variety to time, format, etc. However, exercise selection remains fairly consistent. Research shows that the body gets accustomed to tempo and repetition range well before exercise selection.

5 minutes of conditioning

This is the time we want to leave our athletes feeling tired and ramp up the metabolism. We prefer exercises that can be easily performed with limited restrictions.

5 minutes of static stretching

Time to cool down. We want to really focus on getting our athletes and clients cooled down before letting them out the door. This is often neglected, and a good cool down should be necessary for any training program.