North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club

The Tiny Tot program is designed to introduce the youngest player (3 - 5 years old) to the basic skills and techniques of tennis in a fun environment. The classes include tennis based footwork and agility drills focused on developing the player’s feet-hand-eye coordination.

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The Beginner program is designed for players who are just starting tennis for the first time. The classes include tennis based footwork and agility drills focused on developing the player’s feet, hand, and eye coordination.

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The Baseliner program is the next step up from beginner where the players know their grips and are able to hit every shot (groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, and serves). The focus is developing their consistency from the baseline as well as understanding when to transition into the net.

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The Intermediate program is designed to enhance current technique as well as incorporate strategy while competing. The player is strongly encouraged to participate in the NRTG Junior Team Tennis and begin competing in local level 6 tournaments.

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The Advanced program is structured for tournament level players. Players in this group are competitive and committed to training. Students will
focus on developing strategy and continuing to grow as an all-round player.

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The pro program is designed for players that currently play on their high school team and compete in USTA level 1 – 6 tournaments. These players are able to rally consistently with other players and have a solid understanding of strategy.

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The elite program is designed for the top NRTG junior players ranked both in the Midwest and Nationally. These players are committed and self-motivated striving to play college tennis. Has developed advanced competitive skills. Can strategize, attack, and finish when opportunities arise.

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The Junior Doubles Drill is specific to doubles only focusing on court positioning, strategy, and movement.  There is more emphasis on volleys and transitioning into the net.  The drill is open to Advanced, Pro, and Elite level juniors.