North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club

The Beginner program is designed for players who are just starting tennis for the first time. The classes include tennis based footwork and agility drills focused on developing the player’s feet, hand, and eye coordination.

Emphasis on the forehand and backhand groundstroke grips as well as proper footwork while moving to the ball. Racquets used for this class vary from 25” – 27” and weigh anywhere from 9oz – 10oz. NRTG will supply racquets for the players that do not have one.


  • Evaluation by Dan Hreha required
  • Recommendations for Advancement:
  • Our juniors are encouraged to take private lessons with one of our Senior Teaching Professionals to focus more on technique in a one on one setting. This allows the junior to develop quicker with better habits and proper technique.

Please call the club or consult one of the Senior Teaching Professionals about the above information