North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club

The Baseliner program is the next step up from beginner where the players know their grips and are able to hit every shot (groundstrokes, volleys, overheads, and serves). The focus is developing their consistency from the baseline as well as understanding when to transition into the net.


  • Evaluation by Dan Hreha required
  • Able to stay in correct grips to execute all shots
  • Proper footwork on all groundstrokes during contact i.e. open, 3-quarter and closed
  • Able to rally from the baseline
  • Strongly encouraged to sign up for NRTG Junior Team Tennis pending pro staff approval

Recommendations for Advancement:

Our juniors are encouraged to take private lessons to continue their progress and develop better habits. Also, in the baseliner level, our juniors are now allowed to participate in NRTG Junior Team Tennis. This gives the junior the opportunity to compete, learn the scoring system, and play full matches. Lastly, Baseliners can begin to partake in fitness classes in our fitness facility, operated by Christy Leimkuehler. Injury prevention and proper workout habits are integral in the development of our juniors.

Please call the club or consult one of the Senior Teaching Professionals about the above information.