North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club

The Intermediate program is designed to enhance current technique as well as incorporate strategy while competing. The player is strongly encouraged to participate in the NRTG Junior Team Tennis and begin competing in local level 6 tournaments.


  • Evaluation by Dan Hreha required for correct grips
  • Compete in local level 6 tournaments
  • Participate in NRTG Junior Team Tennis

Recommendations for Advancement:

If the junior is not already in progress working with one of our Senior Teaching Professionals, we strongly encourage them to begin taking private lessons to enhance their ability and positive habits. At NRTG we offer hitting lessons for juniors who are beginning to play tournaments. They are designed for the junior to work on their strategy and strokes in a controlled setting with one of our Teaching Professionals. Also, the junior should enroll in the NRTG Junior Team Tennis program we offer as well as the fitness classes in the gym facility on campus. Injury prevention and proper workout habits are integral in the development of our juniors. 

Please call the club or consult one of the Senior Teaching Professionals about the above information.