North Ridge Tennis and Golf Club

The Advanced program is structured for tournament level players. Players in this group are competitive and committed to training. Students will
focus on developing strategy and continuing to grow as an all-round player.


  • Evaluation by Dan Hreha required
  • Play level 3 – 6 tournaments
  • Participate in NRTG Junior Team Tennis

Recommendations for Advancement:

In the Advanced program our juniors are encouraged to begin competitive play in local level 5 or 6 tournaments. They should also be competing for their respective high school teams during the fall or spring season. Our juniors are strongly encouraged to enroll in the NRTG Junior Team Tennis. Also, the fitness classes in the gym facility located on campus will ensure they are physically ready for the demands of tournament play. Injury prevention and proper workout habits are integral in the development of our juniors.

Please call the club or consult one of the Senior Teaching Professionals about the above information.